Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions from North Shore Health Centers With the coming of 2017, many people will be trying to make healthy adjustments to their lifestyle. Let’s take a look at several things you can do to become a fitter, happier, and healthier person in 2017. What are some healthy New Year’s resolutions I can

Free Pregnancy Testing & Prenatal Care

At North Shore Health Centers in Indiana, we provide affordable, high quality prenatal care for pregnant women. This type of care is absolutely necessary if you want to stay healthy and make sure your baby is safe at all times. Prenatal visits can help prevent complications in pregnancy and inform you about important steps you

Breast Cancer Awareness

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month,
NorthShore is offering

$75 Mammography Screenings
the entire month of October.

Space is limited so schedule
your appointment today.

*Additional discounts may apply to those who qualify.
Pricing is for screening mammograms only. Additional fees may apply if further diagnostic testing is indicated.