Family Dental Services near Hammond, IN

Kids need regular dental services to ensure a healthy future. For all your family dental needs, call NorthShore Health Center near Hammond, IN to book an appointment at our office. Our dentist office in Hammond serves people of all ages and needs. Our talented, friendly staff knows how to work efficiently and make your family comfortable in the dentist’s chair for cleanings, fillings and restoration.

We have a full staff of dental hygienists who work to diagnose and treat oral diseases like gingivitis for the whole family. We also make a point to educate your children on their oral hygiene skills to ensure they have a healthy smile for years to come.

Our family dental services include:

  • Treat plaque and fill cavities
  • Repair or remove damaged teeth
  • Whitening for teeth
  • Prescribe antibiotics or other treatments
  • X-ray teeth, gums and jaw for growth and symptoms
  • Model and measure dentures and other dental appliances
  • Educate our patients on diet, flossing, fluoride and overall personal dental care

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The policy at NorthShore Health Center mandates that parents or guardians must fill out a consent form in order to give another adult permission to accompany their child to a dental appointment. For a child’s protection, we cannot accept written permission letters or verbal consent over the phone. Print out our Minor Consent Form – Permission to Accompany a Minor for future appointments.