Pediatric Medicine in Hammond, Indiana

Our pediatricians provide excellent care in Hammond, IN.

Are you looking for a pediatrician near Hammond, Indiana? NorthShore Health Centers’ pediatric doctors and nurses are committed to attaining optimal physical, mental and social health and overall well-being for infants, children, adolescents and young adults. Our pediatric department provides excellent care for children in Hammond and throughout Lake County, Indiana.

What is Pediatric Medicine?

Pediatrics is a medical discipline that deals with biological, social and environmental influences on the developing child and the impact of disease and dysfunction on development. Children are anatomically, physiologically, immunologically, psychologically, developmentally and metabolically different from adults.

Pediatric medicine encompasses a broad spectrum of health services ranging from preventative health care to the diagnosis and treatment of acute/chronic diseases. These services include hospital visits for your newborn child, well baby and child office visits, immunizations, school and sports physicals, office and hospital visits for illnesses, office visits for mild injuries and visits for chronic conditions.

Pediatricians focus on the development, care and treatment of children from birth through adolescence. They focus on making sure children are scheduled for their well-child visits at the appropriate ages. At these visits, our staff will make sure your baby reaches each developmental milestone at the appropriate age. NorthShore provides immunizations for children free of charge for anyone who does not have health insurance coverage for this service. Acute illness is always addressed when your child is ill and our staff can be reached during our hours of operation to assist parents in making decisions. If hospitalization is necessary, North Shore pediatricians in Hammond provide services throughout the county.

Our Policy

NorthShore Health Centers’ policy is that a parent/guardian must fill out a consent form giving permission for another adult to accompany their child to the child’s medical, dental or vision appointments. For the protection of your child, we are no longer accepting written permission letters or verbal concept over the phone as acceptable documentation of minor consent. Please print out the Minor Consent Form below and return to any NorthShore Health Centers’ locations or stop by one of our locations for a copy of the form. Once you complete the form, it will be documented in the child’s file and referenced for all future appointments. If you live in Hammond, call us today to make an appointment with a pediatrician.

Minor Consent Form – Permission to Accompany a Minor