Pediatric Care for Children in Chesterton, IN

When you need pediatric health care in Chesterton, IN, look to NorthShore Health Centers’ doctors and nurses. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing optimal physical, mental and social health for infants, adolescents, kids and young adults. Pediatrics is a medical specialty that focuses on development, care and treatment of children from their infancy into their adolescence.
NorthShore Health Centers specializes in giving your children the best healthcare possible. Our pediatric care involves a comprehensive spectrum of services ranging from preventative care, diagnosing and treating acute and chronic diseases. These services include:

  • Hospital visits for a newborn
  • Office visits for kids
  • Immunizations
  • Physicals for school and sports
  • Office and hospital visits when kids are sick
  • Mild injuries
  • Chronic conditions

The primary objective is to make sure children at the appropriate ages are scheduled for their well-child visits. During these visits, the pediatric staff at NorthShore will ensure your baby is healthy and reaching every developmental stage at the right time. In addition, we offer free immunizations to children who don’t have coverage for this service. Acute illness is always checked-up on when your child comes into the office during a sick visit.

CenteringParenting – Pediatric Health Care Program

NorthShore offers a unique program called CenteringParenting. It’s a great opportunity for parents to ask questions, learn more about their child’s health and development and share the experience with other parents. CenteringParenting consists of a group of 6-8 parent, baby pairs. It is nine sessions long starting with your baby’s one-month well-child checkup and it ends with a birthday party when the babies turn two years old. CenteringParenting is great because all the parents can share their similar experiences with one another and learn new things. With each session, all parents will have the opportunity to weigh and measure their babies, take vitals, have a one-on-one meet with their pediatrician and take the time to address parenting concerns in a group setting. CenteringParenting is an all-all-inclusive program. It’s your baby’s well-child visit, parent check-up and education all in one.

You can rely on our professional staff to get the most optimal health care for your children. Contact NorthShore today for pediatric health care. You can also call us about any questions you have regarding CenteringParenting.